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Malul Marii    eco Park

Prices / Contact
    "Malul Marii" means SeaShore!
    A modern park for eco camping / parking on the seashore, suitable for, but not limited to any type of RV
    Located at aprox. 10km North of Mamaia (the road to Navodari)
    Approachable from DJ 226 Road (from Mamaia) wich leads to Corbu
    "Malul Marii" is located in the immediate vicinity of Midia and Corbu beach, right above the seashore
    Being a natural seafront, it allows direct access to the beach via private path
    The main features of the park are tranquility, cleanliness and security which are to be observed and maintained!


    - Flat surface overlooking the beach and the Black Sea
    - 220v electrical outlets
    - Water outlets
    - Wastewater discharge point
    - Public lighting during the night
    - Modern washroom facilities
    - Hot water with non-chemical antibacterial system
    - Organized barbecue spaces
    - Dining places overlooking the beach and the Black Sea
    - Direct access to the beach
    - Fenced area
    - All the lots have individual output to common access road
    - Supervised access
    - Video surveillance

All season

    PRICES (in national currency)
    ADULT: 40 L
    CHILD: 20 L (2-12 y.o.)
    PET: 10 L (leash mandatory in public areas)
    CARAVAN : 40 L (the pulling car has no tax)
    MOTORHOME (small) : 30 L (ex. California, Marco Polo, Nugget etc)
    MOTORHOME (large) : 40 L (ex. (semi)integrates, alcoves, etc)
    TENT small: 10 L
    TENT medium: 20 L
    TENT large: 30 L
    CAR: 10 L
    Reception: 09:00 - 21:00
    Actual placing depends on the availability of the spots
    Checkout: 13:00
Tel: +4 0756160477

Info / Contact / Localization

  • Brief guide:
    Use waypoint "malul marii" on Google Maps and you have full guidance to the front gate!
    From the Northern Mamaia exit -> road to Navodari (DJ226 road) -> road to Corbu (DJ226 road) -> beside Corbu Lake: turn right onto paved access road

  • GPS Coordinates:
  • 444.364841, 28.700706
    (road "Spre Capul Midia", merging into "Malul Marii" road on Google Maps)
  • For information, rezervations and realtime guidance:
  • Telephone: +4 0756160477  


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